Can I take my home off the electrical grid?

It is possible to take your home off the electrical grid with a solar system to generate your own power. However, there are several factors to consider that may make going off-grid impractical.


The key difference between being off-grid and “grid-tied” is the source of power. A grid-tied system relies on the electrical grid as the backup source of power should the solar panels not generate enough electricity. Off-grid systems are not tied to the electrical grid at all and require consistent sunlight alongside big battery packs to be effective.


Off-grid benefits

If you live in a part of America that receives more than 300 days of sunlight, going off-grid could be an option. Consistently strong sunlight and a bank of battery packs you generate and store enough electricity to run your appliances, even at night. However, enough space for a large battery storage bank as well as an inverter is required.


Grid-tied benefits

Going off the grid is not suitable for everyone. Some solar systems are unable to generate enough electricity for a household’s daily use and rely on the electrical grid for backup supply. This backup provides peace of mind that your energy will remain uninterrupted.

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